Have ever thought about coloring hair by yourself at home? It’s not only a great way to hide the grey and to give yourself a whole new look, but also combines easy application and great results.

Don’t be afraid to be own stylist. Rouneay color kit is designed with care for hair and to ensure comfort, save money from expensive procedures and deliver long lasting color.

Rouneay features

Nourishing technology

Rouneay haircolor is with a dual nourishing action technology that nourishes every strand, helps repair damage and restores shine and silkiness.

Covers gray hairs

This hair color effectively colors gray hairs. Our permanent hair color maximizes high-definition color results with minimum damage to the hair's cuticle. It leaves your hair shiny and radiant.

Soft and vibrant hair

Our product is strong enough for a long-lasting result, yet it leaves hair feeling soft and vibrant looking. It protects the hair while and after coloring.

Innovative formula / Extensive palette

The innovative formula not only nourishes the hair, but also stabilises and preserves the color. The end result is a cool, natural looking color, full of depth and different tone levels.

Rouneay’s hair color is available in an extensive palette of shades to make find desired color and experiment.

Pros of at-home hair color

It’s a bargain
Price point is the most obvious difference when it comes to at-home hair dye versus a salon treatment. Choosing to dye hair at home, save a substantial amount of money.

It’s convenient
When in the comfort of home, no appointment is necessary. Plus, the at-home formulas are on the fast side, so waiting time is minimal.

It’s foolproof
Kits made for at-home use are extremely straightforward and easy to use. Not only is the hair dye in tow, but in the kit have all need - protective gloves and all necessary supplies.

About us:

Hair coloring product

Stabilises and preserves the color

Full grey coverage

Nourishes every strand

Soft and vibrant hair

Price: € 17.99


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